Detective Pell is an investigator with the Los Angeles Police Department. He is a member of the arson squad in Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) and is partnered with Joan Bennett.

Bennett and Pell are assigned to the River Watch arson case. The fire at a retirement home killed retired detective John Caffrey. Detective Harry Bosch takes an interest in the case because Caffrey was the primary in the murder of his mother Marjorie Lowe. Bennett and Pell are able to identify a suspect who has been bragging about getting paid for the arson through confidential informants. There person of interest is an illegal immigrant named Alberto Bondigas. Pell calls Bosch to let him know. Bosch is slow to get back to the arson detectives as he is caught up with other cases but lets Chief Irvin Irving know about the development. Irving meets with Bennett, Pell and their commanding officer Captain John Garwood to discuss the lead. Irving lets Police Commission President Bradley Walker know about the development - Irving knows that Bosch suspects that Walker is involved in both the arson and the murder of his mother and is testing his reaction.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) search specifically for Bondigas. He is picked up attempting to flee from work at a construction site owned by Walker. ICE deport Bondigas before he can be interviewed by RHD. Irving knows that Walker is covering his tracks. Bosch is able to link Walker to the Elias murder, press him into confessing to his crimes and arrest him.

Bennett and Pell are also assigned to investigate the Molotov cocktail attack on the unmarked vehicle driven by Detectives Santiago Robertson and Rondell Pierce outside Hollywood Station. The attacker was part of a crowd protesting the murder of Howard Elias.

Portrayal[edit | edit source]

Pell is played by guest star Jay Seals in the 2015 streaming series Bosch. He is a recurring character in the third and fourth seasons.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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