Pierce Lewis (d. 26 May 1990) was an investigator with the Los Angeles Police Department's Internal Affairs Division, and was partnered with Don Clarke.

He and his partner were assigned to open a section 1.81 investigation of LAPD detective Harry Bosch in April of 1990 after Bosch shot and killed Norman Church. They had an intense dislike for Bosch, and the feeling was mutual. They later investigated Bosch again May of 1990 on the orders of Deputy Chief Irvin Irving. They intended to get him terminated or even charged with murder. They tailed him almost continuously while he investigated the murders of Billy Meadows and Edward Niese (Sharkey). However, they misunderstood what Bosch was doing, and they believed that Bosch was a participant in the tunnel burglary scheme.

Lewis was shot to death by Art Franklin on 26 May 1990 while attempting to intervene during the break-in at Beverly Hills Safe & Lock.

His death was later referenced during the wrongful death lawsuit brought against Bosch by Deborah Church in November of 1993.


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