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Preston Ulrich Borders is a rapist and murderer who was arrested by Harry Bosch and Frankie Sheehan in November 1987. Bosch believed that Borders had committed at least three murders - Danielle Skyler, Donna Timmons and Vicki Novotny. However, he was prosecuted and convicted of only the Skyler murder.

Borders was from a wealthy east coast family. He lived in an apartment in a trendy section of the San Fernando Valley. He met Skyler when he went to an audition at the casting agency where she worked. On their first date Borders demanded sex but Skyler refused, which enraged him. Some time later Borders killed her.

Borders' was represented at trial by David Siegel. DNA evidence was not in common use at that time, but a key piece of physical evidence in the trial was a sea-horse pendant that had belonged to Skyler. It was found in a hiding space in Borders' apartment, and it helped convince the jury of Borders' guilt.

At the time of his conviction he was 26 years of age. He was sentenced to death but would most likely spend the rest of his life on death row at San Quentin.

In 2016 he was approached by Lance Cronyn with a scheme to get him released from prison along with a large monetary settlement from the city of L.A. The scheme ultimately fell apart and he was returned to prison in 2017 to serve the remainder of his sentence.


Borders is played by guest star Chris Browning in the 2015 streaming series Bosch. He is a recurring character in the fifth season. His storyline is broadly similar to that in Two Kinds of Truth.