Raymond Mora was a Detective III with the LAPD's Administrative Vice Division. He polices the pornography industry. In 1991, he worked with the Westside Strangler Task Force (AKA the Dollmaker), since two of the killer's known victims were adult film actresses. He was supervised by Bosch on the B squad of the Task Force.

He was contacted by LAPD Homicide detectives Jerry Edgar and Harry Bosch in November 1993 when a dead woman was discovered showing evidence that she was another Dollmaker victim. Mora was able to identify the victim as Rebecca Kaminski who used the film name Magna Cum Loudly. Mora told Bosch that Kaminisky was alive as recently as 1991, after the death of the Dollmaker, indicating that a copycat was at work.

For a time, Mora was a suspect in the three Follower murders because of his familiarity with porn actresses and with the details of the nine original Dollmaker cases. While investigating Mora, Bosch discovered that Mora was not the Follower, but he was involved in sex with underage girls and boys. Bosch made a deal with Mora to not arrest him if he resigned from the LAPD.


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