Rebecca "Becky" Kaminski (d. Jan 1992) was an adult film performer who also did outcall work on the side. She was one of the girl's that Tom Cerrone managed.

She performed in Whore of the Roses and Tails From the Crypt in 1991. In January of 1992, Cerrone sent her on an outcall to the Hyatt Hotel, and she never returned. She was strangled there, and her body was discarded in the concrete foundation of Bing's Billiards.

In November of 1993, her body was discovered when a note was sent to the Los Angeles Police Department, claiming that the girl was a victim of the Dollmaker serial killer, who police believed was killed by LAPD detective Harry Bosch in April of 1990. Bosch soon determined that the note had been sent by a copycat killer who had actually murdered two of the girls previously credited to the Dollmaker.

Her body was the only one that was buried. To identify the body, forensic technicians made a face and hands mold of the concrete in which her body was found. They painted the face mold to create a more lifelike appearance, helping Bosch determine her identity. Her fingerprints were taken from the hand molds. She also had a distinctive Yosemite Sam tattoo that helped confirm the identification. Before she was positively identified, she was known as The Concrete Blonde


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