Rebecca Verloren (b. 1972; d. 6 July 1988) was the daughter of Muriel and Robert Verloren, and a resident of Chatsworth in Los Angeles. The family lived on Red Mesa Way off of Santa Susana Pass Rd. She was of mixed racial ancestry; her father was black and her mother was white.

She attended the Hillside Preparatory School in Porter Ranch from 1986 until her death, and served as a student council representative in 1988. For a time she dated Danny Kotchof until his family moved to Hawaii. She then began a relationship with science teacher Gordon Stoddard, and became pregnant in the Spring of 1988 before having an abortion that May 1988. During this time she would speak with Stoddard frequently on the phone, though she told her parents that she was talking with Danny. By the end of that school year she had decided to end her relationship with Stoddard.

Verloren was murdered on 6 July 1988, and her body was found on 8 July off a trail on Oat Mountain. The murder weapon was left at the scene. When her parents first reported her missing, the LAPD treated it as a runaway situation. When her body was found a few days later, it was treated as a suicide. It was not until five days after her death that it was treated as a homicide. Her murder was assigned case #88-641, and was investigated by LAPD detectives Ron Green and Arturo Garcia.

The murder was not solved at that time, but was later reopened by detectives cold-case detectives Kizmin Rider and Harry Bosch in early 2005 when DNA from the murder weapon was matched to a suspect.


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