Reginald "Reggie" Banks (b. 1966; d. 2012) was the father of three children, and a guardsman with the 237th Transportation Company of the California National Guard.

His Guard unit was deployed to Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm on 20 September 1990, arriving on 3 November. While on leave aboard the Saudi Princess in March of 1991, he and three buddies from the Guard drugged and raped a Danish journalist, Anneke Jesperson. The crime was covered up by J. J. Drummond, making Banks indebted to him. His unit returned to the United States on 23 April 1991.

During the riots of 1992 his Guard unit was mobilized. While in L.A. the men realized that Jesperson was following them. After Drummond killed her, Banks participated in the coverup. 

In 1994, he went to work as a salesman at Cosgrove Tractor. In 2002, the twentieth anniversary of the murder of Jesperson, Banks became worried that there might be renewed police interest in the case. He decided to call LAPD to ask about the status, and he used the alias Alex White. He learned that the case was still open and unsolved.

In 2012, he was visited by LAPD detective Harry Bosch, who posed as a potential customer. Banks' phone call in 2002 had left a record of the number he was calling from, which allowed Harry Bosch to target Cosgrove Tractor employees as somehow involved in the Jesperson case. Banks was the weak link in the conspriracy, and under intense questioning he confessed to Bosch. Before he could be taken to L.A. he was rescued by Drummond. He was later shot and killed by Drummond using Bosch's gun in an abandoned barn on Carl Cosgrove, Jr.'s property.


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