Robert "Bobby" Mason is an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, and a long-time friend of George Irving. At a social event in 2011 Mason spoke with City Councilmember Irvin Irving. The Councilman mentioned that he had received a complaint from a citizen about a driver for Black & White Cabs. Mason said he would look into it. On three occasions he observed B&W drivers who looked questionable. He pulled them over and found an open container of alcohol under the seat. He cited other B&W drivers for various moving violations. Because Mason was the only officer who appeared to be so concerned with B&W, it gave the appearance that Mason was engaging in selective enforcement to benefit his friend, George Irving. However, Mason was not aware of Irving's lobbying efforts to discredit B&W until Irving told him. At that point Mason realized that he was being used, and he ended his friendship with Irving.

After the suspicious death of George Irving in October 2011, Mason was interviewed by Harry Bosch. The interview made it clear to Bosch that Mason was not a party to the effort to discredit B&W.


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