Rogers Carr is a detective with the LAPD's Major Crimes unit. He is also a crooked cop. Almost nothing is know about his background, his private life, or the motivation for his criminal activity. All that is known at this time is that he had become associated with three known criminals - Cordell Abbott, Gordon Fabian and Gino Santangelo. On an unspecified date in 2017 Carr met with the three at a Hollywood nightclub. During their meeting, Carr realized that Fabian was wearing a recording device. He drew his service weapon and killed all three men. He then killed the club's bouncer and a waitress. In the process, a button or snap broke off his shoulder holster and was left on the floor. It is unclear why Carr believed he needed to act so immediately by killing all three associates. 

The button from Carr's holster was found by detective Ken Chastain who recognized it as most likely coming from a police officer. When Carr became aware that Chastain was on his trail, he murdered Chastain. Carr then contacted Reneé Ballard in an effort to learn how much she knew. He was not aware that his fingerprint had been recovered from the holster button and that Ballard had obtained this information. He went to the Police Administration Building under the impression that Ballard had arrested Lt. Robert Olivas. Instead, Olivas and Ballard arrested Carr. Ballistics testing of Carr's weapons confirmed that they were the murder weapons. 


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