Detective Rooker is an investigator with the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide Division.

He was one of four RHD detectives who brutally interrogated Michael Harris in the murder of Stacey Kincaid. Rooker used a Black Warrior #2 pencil to puncture Harris' eardrum.

He was also one of four RHD detectives called to the scene of Howard Elias's murder in 1999. Harry Bosch accused the four, especially Rooker, of taking the watch and wallet of the victim in order to make it look like a robbery and to deflect suspicion away from the LAPD. Bosch told Rooker to return the watch and wallet anonymously or he will turn them in to IAD. A short time later Bosch received a message that the watch and wallet were in a trash can at the Angels Flight bus stop.


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