Sarah Ann Landy (b. 4/14/72) was the daughter of Regina Landy, the stepdaughter of Kensington Landy, and the older sister of Melissa Landy. She was 6 years of age when her mother married Ken Landy. Her surname at birth was Gleason, but she has used three other surnames in addition to Landy – Edwards, Witten and Roman.

She was molested by her step-father beginning in the summer of 1985. She ran away from home in November of that year but returned home because she had nowhere else to go.

Sarah witnessed her sister's abduction but was unable to do anything about it. She assisted the investigation in a major way by identifying Jason Jessup as the man who had abducted Melissa. The murder of Melissa was extremely traumatic for Sarah, and she experienced significant problems later in life. She became addicted to crystal meth and was arrested multiple times for drug possession/use and related offenses. For five months in 1999 she attended a rehab clinic in North Hollywood but did not get off drugs at that time. She was married and divorced twice followed by an unofficial marriage to Edward Roman whom she had met in rehab. Deciding to get out of Los Angeles, she moved to San Francisco and then to Port Townsend, Washington where she lived drug-free since 2003. At that time she began using her birth surname again. She became interested in art glass and apprenticed to a veteran glass worker. She then opened her own studio and shop and became a successful artist.

As an adult she is a small woman, about 5 ft. in height and 90 lbs. In February 2010, she was contacted by detective Harry Bosch and prosecutor Maggie McPherson to determine her willingness and ability to testify in the retrial of Jason Jessup. She decided to testify, and she recalled that Jessup was wearing a blue cap at the time she identified him as the abductor of her sister. She was called as a witness by both the prosecution and the defense. Clive Royce attempted to destroy her credibility with little success.

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