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Sean "Mac" McEvoy (b. 21 May 1960; d. 10 Feb 1995) was the son of Millie and Tom McEvoy, the twin brother of Jack McEvoy and younger brother of Sarah McEvoy, and the husband of Riley McEvoy. He enlisted in the Army in the early 1980s, after which he joined the Denver Police Department in 1983. He had grown up in Boulder, CO, and came back there to live after the army. By the mid-1990s, he had worked his way up to the position of homicide detective. He was the supervisor of the Crimes Against Persons (CAPs) unit.

In December of 1994, he began investigating the gruesome murder of college student Theresa Lofton. It was a case that troubled him due to the horrific nature of the crime and because there was never a suspect. He found that he couldn't get the case out of his head, and he began to become depressed. He sought psychological counseling for his depression. In February of 1995, he drove up to Estes Park, Colorado, ostensibly to interview a person with information about the Lofton case. Instead, he was killed by the Poet in his car near Bear Lake in Estes Park, in a manner meant to look like a suicide. His body was found by Park Ranger Stephen Pena. The phrase "Out of space, out of time" was written in the fog on his windshield. This line from an Edgar Allen Poe poem was initially viewed as a suicide note.

Sean was buried at Green Mountain Memorial Park in Boulder, Colorado. His funeral was not granted full police honors because suicides are not considered line-of-duty deaths.