Bosch Season 2
Bosch Season 2 Poster.jpg
Season 2 poster
Country of origin USA
Network Amazon Prime
Original release March 11, 2016
No. of episodes 10
Previous season 1
Next season 3

Season 2 of Bosch consists of 10 episodes and was released on 11 March 2016. The season uses material from the books Trunk Music, The Drop and The Last Coyote as the basis for the plot. Bosch is entangled in a case involving a corrupt LAPD unit and the murder of an Armenian crime boss.

Cast[edit | edit source]


Special Appearance

Guest Starring


Crew[edit | edit source]

Producers[edit | edit source]

  • Terrill Lee Lankford - Consulting Producer
  • Diane Frolov - Consulting Producer
  • & Andrew Schneider - Consulting Producer
  • Tom Smuts - Co-Executive Producer
  • William N. Fordes - Co-Executive Producer
  • Mikkel Bondesen - Executive Producer
  • Jan David Frouman - Executive Producer
  • Pieter Jan Brugge - Executive Producer
  • Henrik Bastin - Executive Producer
  • Michael Connelly - Executive Producer
  • Eric Overmyer - Executive Producer

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Writer Director Airdate IMDb
"Trunk Music" Eric Overmyer Alex Zakrzewski 03/11/16
"The Thing About Secrets" Eric Overmyer & Tom Berardo
"Victim of the Night" Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider Pieter Jan Brugge
"Who's Lucky Now?" Tom Smuts Christine Moore
"Gone" William N. Fordes Ernest Dickerson
"Heart Attack" Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider Adam Davidson
"Exit Time" Tom Smuts & Tom Bernardo Kevin Dowling
"Follow the Money" William N. Fordes & Joe Gonzalez Alex Zakrzewski
"Queen of Martyrs" Eric Overmyer & Tom Bernardo Phil Abraham
"Everybody Counts" Michael Connelly & Terrill Lee Lankford Tim Hunter
Source material: Trunk Music, The Drop, The Last Coyote
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