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Bosch Season 5
Bosch Season 5 Poster.jpg
Season 5 poster
Country of origin USA
Network Amazon Prime
Original release April, 2019
No. of episodes 10
Previous season 4
Next season 6

Season 5 of Bosch was announced in February 2018. Series developer Eric Overmyer is expected to return to Bosch as co-showrunner with Daniel Pyne. Overmyer took time away from the series during the production of season 4 to work on Amazon's series The Man in the High Castle. Pyne took over as showrunner for the fourth season. On November 14, 2018, it was announced that Bosch would be renewed for a sixth season.[1]

The Hollywood Reporter noted that the season will draw from the novel Two Kinds of Truth. The article notes that the books plot includes Bosch being accused of framing a deathrow inmate while he was working for the LAPD. At the same time he works on a double murder in his new position with the much smaller San Fernando PD.[2]



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  1. Titus Welliver - Producer
  2. Henrik Pabst - Executive Producer
  3. Jan David Frouman - Executive Producer
  4. Pieter Janne Brugge - Executive Producer
  5. Henrik Bastin - Executive Producer
  6. Michael Connelly - Executive Producer
  7. Daniel Pyne - Executive Producer
  8. Eric Overmyer - Executive Producer


Episode Writer Director Airdate IMDb
"Two Kinds of Truth" Daniel Pyne Alex Zakrzewski 04/19/19
"Pill Shills" Eric Overmyer Alex Zakrzewski
"The Last Scrip" Elle Johnson Daisy von Scherler Mayer
"Raise the Dead" Tom Bernardo Laura Belsey
"Tunnel Vision" Jeffrey Fiskin Patrick Cady
"The Space Between the Stars" Shaz Bennett Neema Barnette
"The Wisdom of the Desert" Jeffrey Fiskin Aaron Lipstadt
"Salvation Mountain" Tom Bernardo Ernest Dickerson
"Hold Back the Night" Eric Overmyer Aaron Lipstadt
"Creep Signed His Kill" Daniel Pyne & Katie Pyne Ernest Dickerson
Source material: Two Kinds of Truth