Sheila Delacroix (b. 1964) is the daughter of Christine Dorsett and Samuel Delacroix and the older sister of Arthur Delacroix. She is a tall woman, slightly overweight, with short blonde hair. She works as a casting agent in Hollywood, California, and lives on South Orange Grove Avenue off Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile community of Los Angeles. She lives in the Pseudo-Beaux Arts duplex where she grew up. She is a member of the Wilshire Church of Nature. In 2002, at the time of discovery of her brother's remains, she was doing casting auditions for the pilot of a TV drama to be called The Closers.

Her mother abandoned the family in 1970, and Sheila was subsequently molested by her father. In turn, she physically abused her younger brother until he ran away in May of 1980. After Arthur's disappearance she was no longer molested by her father. She was not aware that her brother had been killed, and she continued to live in the duplex in case Arthur were to return. She was not aware of her mother's whereabouts and did not care.

Upon learning that unidentified bones had been found, she contacted the LAPD tip line to inquire whether the bones might be of her long-missing brother. She was interviewed by Detectives Harry Bosch and Jerry Edgar.


Delacroix was played by Jenica Bergere in the 2015 streaming series Bosch.


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