Stacey Kincaid (b. 1986; d. 12 June 1998) was the daughter of Kate Kincaid, the stepdaughter of Sam Kincaid, and the step-granddaughter of Jackson Kincaid.

In the mid- and late-1990s, she was molested by her stepfather and his chief of security, who took pictures that they posted to a pedophilia website called "Charlotte's Web." In June of 1998, she threatened to reveal her stepfather's abuses, and was murdered by him. Her body was hidden until police fortuitously found the fingerprints of repeat-offender Michael Harris on one of Stacey's schoolbooks, at which time Sam disposed of Stacey's body in a lot two blocks from Harris's apartment.

Stacey's murder was later solved by LAPD detectives Jerry Edgar, Kizmin Rider, and Harry Bosch.


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