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Dr. Stanley Kent (b. 1965; d. March 2007) was the husband of Alicia Kent, and the co-founder, with Barry Kelber, of K&K Medical Physicists. He specialized in providing radioactive materials for radiation therapy, particularly for different types of cancers. His office was located in Cedars-Sinai Hospital, but he and his partner worked at virtually all of the hospitals and clinics in the Los Angeles area, including Saint Agatha's Clinic for Women. He and his wife lived on Arrowhead Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

In March of 2007, Kent's body was discovered on a Mulholland Drive overlook. He was on the ground some distance away from his Porsche Carrera. He had been shot twice in the back of the head with a small caliber weapon, which turned out to be his own Smith & Wesson .22 pistol. He was wearing two red Thermoluminescent Dosimetry rings. The faces of the rings turn black when exposed to radiation. Investigation by Harry Bosch and Iggy Ferras determined that Dr. Kent had been emailed a photo of his wife naked and hog-tied, along with a message instructing him to bring radioactive cesium to the overlook. He removed the cesium from the vault at Saint Agatha's and left a note explaining his actions.

Bosch noted that the entire case took place within a very small area near the Kent home. He also observed that everything used in the murder had come from the Kent home - the gun, camera, snap ties, etc. After ruling out terrorism, Bosch concluded that the murder was committed by Alicia Kent and her lover and staged to look like the cesium was the objective.