Steve Vascik was a process server in Los Angeles in the late-1990s.

In early 1999, he twice attempted to serve LAPD detective John Chastain for civil rights attorney Howard Elias to compel Chastain to testify on behalf of the plaintiff in Michael Harris's suit against the LAPD for police brutality. Vascik was interviewed over the phone by Harry Bosch based on a tip from Carla Entrenkin. Vascik told Bosch that when he heard Elias had been killed, he called the hotline to tell them about the subpoena to Chastain. Roy Lindell took Vascik's call and then immediately passed it along to Chastain. Knowing that this would be incriminating, Chastain called Vascik back, saying that he was Jerry Edgar. The information provided by Vascik was instrumental in turning Bosch's suspicion toward Chastain.


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