Strange Bedfellows is the fourth novel written by Paula L. Woods, and the fourth to feature LAPD detective Charlotte Justice. The book was published on 31 January 2006.

The novel is notable for an appearance by LAPD detective Harry Bosch, on page 9:

Ahead I could see my lieutenant walking toward the parking lot, where he shook hands with a curly-headed, mustachioed guy who used to work at RHD. Stobaugh couldn't be trying to get Harry Bosch transferred back to Robbery-Homicide, not after that case he'd screwed up.
Or maybe, my voice proposed, Bosch can fill the spot on Stobaugh's team you'll be vacating if you don't get your act together.

Bosch had in fact returned to the RHD Open-Unsolved Unit in 2005, and eventually transferred back to the RHD Homicide Special Unit in 2007.

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