Dr. Stratton Sterghos is a retired obstetrician living on Salem Street in Glendale, CA. Dr. Sterghos was not personally involved in any criminal cases, but his house was. In the early 2000's the house across the street from his was used by drug dealers who probably had some connection with the Sinaloa cartel. In 2003, two men were murdered in that house, and during the investigation detective Lee Lankford met DEA agent James Marco. Marco offered Lankford $25,000 to not clear the case, and Lankford accepted since he did not expect to clear the case anyway. After that, Lankford was under the thumb of Marco.

Ten years later in the trial of Andre La Cosse for the murder of Gloria Dayton, Lankford was working as an investigator for the D.A.'s office. Mickey Haller recognized that there was a connection between Lankford and Marco that he wanted to bring out in court. He rented the doctor's house for a couple of weeks, and he placed Dr. Sterghos on the list of potential witnesses in order to provoke a response. He then had his investigator, Cisco, plant cameras around the doctor's home. The cameras recorded Marco and Landford breaking into the house in an effort to determine why he would be a witness. Marco planted narcotics in the freezer in order to coerce Sterghos if it came to that. Cisco later removed the narcotics. The video was critical in getting the charges against La Cosse dismissed. While all of this was happening, Dr. Sterghos and his wife were vacationing in Florida and he was unaware of the drama surrounding his home.

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