Sylvester Fulgoni, Sr. is the father of Sylvester Fulgoni, Jr., and a former lawyer working in Los Angeles. His practice consisted of suing law enforcement agencies when officers broke the law and violated citizen's civil rights. He was quite successful, but failure to pay proper attention to the IRS led to his downfall.

He was convicted of tax evasion, disbarred, and in 2011 began serving his sentence at FCI Victorville where he met Hector Arrande Moya. He assisted Moya with his legal issues, connecting Moya with his son on the outside. He had an "arrangement" with a prison staff member who turned off the signal jammer at midnight, allowing Fulgoni to make cell phone calls to his son and other associates.

Fulgoni had represented a client in the past who had a gun planted on him by agent James Marco, so he knew Marco was dirty. He learned that Moya had been visited by a prostitute, Gloria Dayton, who had been busted by Marco just the day before. It seemed likely to him that Dayton was the one who planted the gun, at Marco's direction. This information would form the basis of a Sec. 2241 Habeas Corpus petition for Moya, alleging gross misconduct by Marco. He had his son serve her with a subpoena and they were going to use her testimony to prove that Moya had been set up.

After Dayton was killed, Fulgoni spoke to Mickey Haller several times by phone. In April 2013 Haller came to Victorville to meet with Fulgoni in person. They agreed to work together to get Andre La Cosse cleared of Dayton's murder and to get Moya released from prison.


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