Sylvia Moore (b. 1958) is the ex-wife of LAPD detective Calexico Moore, and a former English literature teacher at Grant High School in the San Fernando Valley. One of the classes she teaches is Los Angeles in Literature. She grew up in the San Francisco area but has lived in L.A. most of her adult life. She is thin, tan with freckles, has shoulder-length hair with blonde highlights, small breasts, and an almost girlish appearance. In the 1990's she lived on Del Prado in Bouquet Canyon in the high desert northeastern region of L.A. County. After her husband's death, she put her house on the market, but it did not sell for over a year.

She met Homicide detective Harry Bosch on 25 December 1991 when he visited to notify of her ex-husband's death. Soon after, the two began an intimate relationship which carried over into 1993, when Bosch was sued by Deborah Church for the wrongful death of her husband. During this time, Bosch would stay at her house three or four nights a week. Moore did not attend the trial proceedings until Bosch took the stand, at which point she learned about his mother's murder for the first time.

Although Moore and Bosch appeared to have a solid relationship, Moore was always concerned about Bosch's unwillingness to be honest and open with her about his past. She also became concerned over Bosch's constant exposure to violence and death. This came to a head when Bosch received a note from The Follower which he misinterpreted as a threat to Moore. She asked Bosch for some time to decide what she wanted to do. She came back to Bosch shortly thereafter.

Moore continued her relationship with Bosch until January of 1994. Following the Northridge earthquake (which badly damaged both Bosch's house and Moore's high school), she informed Bosch that she was leaving because "[she] found out who [he] was." She subsequently left Los Angeles for Venice, Italy.


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