Ted Minton is a prosecutor in Los Angeles County.

In March of 2005, he took over the prosecution of the Louis Roulet case after defense attorney Mickey Haller demonstrated that Margaret McPherson, being his ex-wife, had a conflict of interest. Minton was a considered a rising star in the D.A.'s office and was assigned to this case even though he had never before prosecuted a felony case. He had a reputation as an aggressive prosecutor who did not play fair.

Right after getting the assignment he learned that a jailhouse snitch, Dwayne Corliss, was willing to testify that Roulet had confessed to him. Minton had Corliss checked out and decided that he was okay. Still, Minton was not sure that he wanted or needed to use Corliss, and he definitely didn't want to disclose Corliss to the defense. He arranged for Corliss to be admitted to a lockdown drug rehab unit where he would be available if needed but not accessible to the defense.

As the Roulet case progressed, Minton became more concerned that he might not get a conviction. He decided to roll the dice and have Corliss testify. He was not aware that Haller had been expecting this all along and had set a trap for Corliss. When it was revealed that Corliss had lied on the stand in a previous case in Arizona, the judge accused Minton of prosecutorial misconduct. The trial concluded with Minton agreeing to drop all charges against Roulet.


In the 2011 film, Minton was played by Josh Lucas.


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