Theodore "Teddy" Vogel is the highest-ranking member of the Road Saints Motorcycle Club not incarcerated as of 2005. He is a very large man at about 350 lbs.

He was a repeat client of Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller. In 2003 he was charged with abduction and aggravated assault. Haller was able to get the charges reduced to disturbing the peace, keeping Vogel out of prison, for which Vogel was quite grateful.

On 7 March, 2005, he met with Haller to pay the legal fees of Harold Casey.

On Wednesday 25 May, 2005, Vogel received a phone call from Haller requesting a couple of Saints to go to the apartment of Maggie McPherson to protect her from Louis Roulet. Vogel said he would be glad to do it, knowing that this would make Haller obligated to him.


In the 2011 film, Vogel's name was changed to Eddie Vogel, and he was played by Trace Adkins.


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