Teresa Corazón is the estranged wife of Gary Corazón, and at one time the chief medical examiner for Los Angeles County. She lives in a Mediterranean-style home in Hancock Park.

She was formerly involved in a physical relationship-of-convenience with LAPD detective Harry Bosch.

In August of 1990, she identified a marking on the body of a 15-year-old girl that led Bosch to her killer.

On 26 December 1991, as Acting Chief Medical Officer, she performed the autopsy of LAPD detective Calexico Moore. She found that Moore had been hit on the back of the head before being shot, thus ruling out suicide, though Irvin Irving preferred to call the autopsy results "inconclusive." Later that day, she met with Bosch to discuss the autopsy of Juan Doe #67. She gave Bosch this information on the condition that it not be attributed to her. However, Bosch gave the information about Moore to the press, and it was clear who it had come from. Corazon would not forgive Bosch for this breach of trust. Prior to the funeral for Moore, she learned from Bosch that the body in the casket was actually that of Humberto Zorillo. She used this information to extract Irving's endorsement for her as Chief Medical Examiner. She partially forgave Bosch for his previous actions, but they were never a couple again.

In November of 1993, she examined the body of a woman found encased in the concrete slab of a destroyed pool hall.

By 2000, she had been named chief of the medical examiner's office and starred in her own reality television show. In October of 2000, she examined the body of Jody Krementz and determined that the deceased had not died of autoerotic asphyxia as her body had been staged. In January of 2001, she testified in the trial against David Storey for Krementz's murder.

On 2 January 2002, Corazón and her personal videographer joined the excavation of a wooded hillside in Laurel Canyon. While using one of the portable toilets on-site, she became locked in the confined space when Jerry Edgar jammed a chicken bone into the door's hasp. After Bosch freed her, she stormed off the scene with her cameraman in tow.

By 2014 her political fortunes had changed and she was back to being a deputy coroner. She was more humble and had resumed a friendly relationship with Bosch. In that year she performed an autopsy on Orlando Merced. She concluded that his death was homicide, and she recovered the bullet that had been lodged in his spine.


Corazón was played by Valerie Cruz in the original pilot for the streaming series Bosch.


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