Terrence Spencer (b. 1964) is a civilian property control officer with the LAPD. His job is purely bureaucratic, monitoring the storage and retrieval of evidence at the Piper Tech facility. In 2000 he bought a house in Altadena, CA. In 2006 he took out a home equity loan, then combined the two loans together, making his mortgage approx. $565,000. Beginning in 2010 he began having difficulty making his monthly mortgage payments and narrowly averted foreclosure. He hired a lawyer, Kathy Cronyn, to help him out of this jam. She directed him to a high interest rate private loan which carried a balloon payment after seven years. Although the house was worth almost $1 million by that time, his new loan carried a provision that required lender approval before he could sell. The lender blocked any sale, preferring to foreclose when the balloon payment came due.

At this point, Spencer was approached by Cronyn with a scheme to utilize his position with the LAPD to plant DNA evidence relating to the Preston Borders case. After the Danielle Skyler evidence box was reopened, Cronyn provided Spencer with a DNA sample from Lucas Olmer, which Spencer then deposited on Skyler's pajamas. In the spring of 2017, Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller uncovered this conspiracy, resulting in Spencer's arrest.

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