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The Follower was a copycat serial killer who exactly mimicked the modus operandi of the Dollmaker from 1989 to 1993, until LAPD detective Harry Bosch deduced his identity. Bosch noted the differences between the Follower's victims and the victims of the original Dollmaker. The Follower's victims (7, 11 and 12) had worked in porn and done callout on the side for the same pimp, while the original Dollmaker's victims were all street prostitutes. Victims 7 and 11 had distinctive injuries that separated them from the other victims. Makeup from 9 of the victims was found in Norman Church's garage apartment and did not include any makeup from victims 7 and 11. Church's victims had all been dumped in areas surrounding Silverlake and eastern Hollywood, while the Follower's victims were dumped in Malibu, West Hollywood and South Hollywood. The Dollmaker's victims were highly varied, while the Follower's victims were all young, white, blonde, and large-breasted. The dates of the murders also form a distinctive pattern showing two different killers. Finally, there were notes left for victims 7, 11 and much later 12, while no notes were left for the other victims.

These factors convinced Bosch and Dr. John Locke that the Follower was still living in 1993 and had intimate knowledge of the 9 authentic Dollmaker cases. Dr. Locke suggested that the Follower left the note regarding the Concrete Blonde in order to gain attention for himself, without disclosing his identity, during the wrongful death trial filed by Deborah Church. The Follower wanted to show the police and public that he is better than the Dollmaker because he is still around.

Victims of the Follower included Mood IndigoCandi CummingsDee Anne DozitTeXXXas RoseHolly Lere, Heather Cumhither, and Magna Cum Loudly. He killed one about every six to seven months. Only one woman escaped from the Follower: Gallery (Georgia Stern.) After Church was killed, the Follower began burying his victims in order to avoid detection.

Assistant Chief Irvin Irving convened a new task to search for the Follower, consisting of detectives Bosch, Jerry Edgar, Francis Sheehan, Mike Opelt, and Hans Rollenberger. For a time, Ray Mora was suspected of being the Follower, and the task force kept him under surveillance. Later, Dr. Locke came under suspicion but he was also cleared. Ultimately, Bosch realized that Joel Bremmer was the actual Follower, but not before Bremmer tortured and killed attorney Honey Chandler. She was the only victim who was not a porn actress.