The Following Sea is a 42 ft. twin engine boat owned by Terry McCaleb, who inherited it from his father. It was built in the 1970's. McCaleb's father operated it as a charter boat out of Avalon harbor, Catalina Island. After inheriting the boat, McCaleb moved it to Cabrillo Marina on the mainland but let it languish because he was occupied with work. After his medical retirement, he lived on the boat while he restored it, with the goal of moving it back out to Catalina. After the conclusion of the Gloria Torres case, he moved the boat to Avalon and operated it as a charter boat with his partner, Buddy Lockridge. McCaleb put title to the boat in the name of his wife, Graciela. McCaleb kept many of his old FBI files on the boat, often using the boast as an office.

The boat is named after a wave direction that matches the heading of a boat, and refers to the idea of watching one's back.


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