Theresa Lofton (b. 4 July 1975; d. 16 Dec 1994) grew up in Butte, Montana before going to the University of Denver and working part-time at the daycare center in the married students' housing complex. She was pursuing a degree in education and planned to teach first grade.

Lofton was abducted and murdered on 16 December 1994, and her body was dumped three days later near Grasmere Lake in Washington Park. Her body was found by photographer Iggy Gomez. She had not been sexually assaulted, but her body was cut completely in half. She was termed the "White Dahlia" by the Denver media, and her death was investigated by Denver detective Sean McEvoy. The case was run through the FBI's VICAP and NCIC programs but there were no hits. A profile was done by FBI agent Rachel Walling.


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