Thomas Trent was the ex-husband of Beatrice Beaupre and a salesman at the Acura dealership in North Hollywood. He was also a sexual predator who abducted his victims and physically abused them at his home in Studio City. One of his victims was Ramoń Gutierrez, a case that was assigned to Reneé Ballard and her partner. Ballard located Trent and began to investigate him. In the process, Trent figured out that he was a suspect and that Ballard was close to arresting him. He followed her to Ventura where he abducted her and brought her back to his house. He sedated her with Ketamine and bound her to a chair. He then went to abduct his ex-wife. When he returned to his home with Beaupre, Ballard had escaped her restraints. They struggled, with Trent having an advantage due to his size and strength. However, Ballard stabbed him in the stomach with a sharp stick. He died from loss of blood before rescue workers could arrive.

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