The following events have occurred in the Harry Bosch series:

1950 Hieronymus Bosch born to Marjorie Lowe and J. Michael Haller.
1955 Irvin Irving joins Los Angeles Police Department; Lowe arrested twice for loitering, represented by Haller.
1956 Lowe arrested for loitering, represented by Haller.
1959 Lowe arrested for loitering, represented by Haller.
1960 Lowe arrested twice for loitering, represented by Haller.
Jul 1960 Bosch taken from Lowe's custody, remanded to McClaren Youth Hall.
Oct 1961 Marjorie Lowe killed, body found by patrolman Irvin Irving; murder investigated by detectives Claude Eno and Jack McKittrick; Bosch is informed of mother's death by McKittrick, then assigned Available to Adopt.
11/03/1962 Due-diligence report filed on Lowe's murder, case deemed "hopeless."
1968-1970 Bosch enlists in Army, deployed to Viet Nam.
1970 Bosch identifies and locates his father, then meets with him. J. Michael Haller dies. Bosch attends funeral.
Aug 1972 Bosch joins Los Angeles Police Department.
05/17/1974 Symbionese Liberation Army shootout at 1466 East 54th Street.
04/30/75 Fall of Saigon; Meadows, Franklin, Delgado and Rourke leave Vietnam along with Ngo Van Binh and Nguyen Tran.
05/04/75 Ngo Van Binh's information entered into INS database in California.
05/14/75 Ngo Van Binh's citizenship documentation issued.
1977 Bosch takes and passes Detectives test, graduating to Van Nuys robbery division.
May 1980 Arthur Delacroix murdered
1982 Bosch works his way up to Los Angeles Robberty-Homicide Division.
ca. 1983 Bosch and partner solve Beauty Shop Slasher murders; book and movie about the case
2/16/86 Melissa Landy murdered.
7/6/88 Rebecca Verloren murdered
  1. Bosch and Frankie Sheehan investigate Cielo Azul murder; Bosch meets Terry McCaleb.
  2. Lily Price murdered in Venice, CA
01/23/89 1st Dollmaker victim killed.
01/22/89 2nd Dollmaker victim killed.
03/26/89 3rd Dollmaker victim killed.
04/23/89 4th Dollmaker victim killed.
05/24/89 5th Dollmaker victim killed.
06/17/89 Georgia Stern attacked, but survives.
06/24/89 6th Dollmaker victim killed.
07/06/89 Nicole Knapp killed.
07/22/89 7th Dollmaker victim killed.
08/18/89 8th Dollmaker victim killed.
09/17/89 9th Dollmaker victim killed.
09/28/89 Shirleen Kemp killed.
Apr 1990 Bosch shoots and kills Norman Church. Bosch serves suspension and is transferred to Hollywood Division.
May 1990 Constance Calvin killed.
Aug 1990 Candi Cummings killed.
Sep 1990 WestLand National Bank robbed, $18-million in diamonds stolen from safe-deposit box of Ngo Van Binh.
Feb 1991 Dee Anne Dozit killed.
03/03/91 Rodney King flees police, beaten by officers Stacey Koon, Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno, and Rolando Solano.
05/19/91 Billy Meadows found dead by Edward Niese; Bosch and Jerry Edgar investigate Meadows' murder.
05/24/91 Edward Niese killed.
  1. Attempted robbery of Beverly Hills Safe & Lock. Officers Pierce Lewis and Don Clarke killed in shootout.
  2. Bosch wounded by FBI agent John Rourke.
  3. Rourke killed by Eleanor Wish.
  4. Eleanor Wish arrested.
Aug 1991 TeXXXas Rose killed.
Jan 1992 Rebecca Kaminski killed.
04/29/92 Officers Koon, Wind, Briseno, Solano and Powell acquitted; rioting begins.
  1. Daniel Fitzpatrick murdered during rioting
  2. Anneke Jesperson murdered during rioting
05/04/92 Rioting ends.
11/19/92 James Kappalanni killed.
12/17/92 Fernal Gutierrez-Llosa killed, his body found outside Egg and I Diner.
12/25/92 Body, believed to be missing LAPD detective Calexico Moore, found at the Hideaway motel. Body was actually Humberto Zorrillo.
12/27/92 Bosch begins dating Sylvia Moore.
12/28/92 Lucius Porter killed.
12/29/92 Calexico Moore killed by Bosch
Mar 1993 Mood Indigo killed.
9/9/93 Marie Gesto murdered
Nov 93 Deborah Church sues Bosch for wrongful death of her husband; Honey Chandler killed.
1994 Frances Weldon killed by Edward Gunn
01/17/94 6.7 earthquake strikes San Fernando Valley northwest of Northridge; Bosch's cantilevered house massively damaged.
Apr 1994
  1. Bosch pulls his mother's unsolved case-file from storage
  2. Bosch throws Harvey Pounds through window
  3. Gordon Mittel dies of fall
  4. Meredith Roman commits suicide
  5. Harvey Pounds murdered
  6. Bosch placed on Involuntary Stress Leave
Jan 1995 Bosch returns to work under Grace Billets, partnered with Kiz Rider
6/13/96 Bosch and Eleanor Wish marry
Sept. 1996 Anthony Aliso murdered
9/7/96 Ray Powers, John Felton, Jennifer Gilroy, and Joey Marks killed in shootout in Las Vegas
2/28/97 North Hollywood shootout
  1. Bosch solves Hardboiled Egg Case
  2. Chris Henderson murdered
6/12/98 Stacey Kincaid murdered
Apr 1999
  1. Bosch, Edgar and Rider assigned to investigate murders of Howard Elias and Catalina Perez
  2. John Chastain killed by mob
  3. Sam Kincaid murdered
May 1999
  1. Angella Benton murdered
  2. Movie set robbery in which Raymond Vaughn and Cozy are killed
1999 Madeline Bosch born in Las Vegas
3/19/00 Martha Gessler abducted and killed
10/12/00 Jody Krementz murdered
1/1/01 Edward Gunn murdered
Jan 2002
  1. Julia Brasher dies of self-inflicted gunshot.
  2. Johnny Stokes killed by police
  3. Bosch retires from LAPD and becomes private investigator
Oct 2002
  1. Linus Simonson, James Oliphant, Bernard Banks, Jimmy Fazio and DHS Agent Milton killed in shootout at Bosch's house
  2. Bosch meets his daughter for the first time.
2004 Robert Backus reappears, then drowns in L.A. River
3/31/04 Terry McCaleb dies of heart failure
  1. Bosch returns to LAPD, Open-Unsolved
  2. Irvin Irving elected to first term on L.A. City Council
Sept. 2006
  1. Marie Gesto's body found
  2. Fred Olivas and Derek Doolan killed by Raynard Waits
  3. Waits killed by Bosch
  4. Abel Pratt killed by Anthony Garland
  5. Garland killed by FBI
Mar 2007
  1. Dr. Stanley Kent murdered
  2. Ramin Samir killed by police
  3. Clifford Maxwell killed by Ignacio Ferras
2007 Jerry Vincent murdered
9/8/09 John Li murdered
9/12/09 Madeline Bosch is abducted in Hong Kong
  1. Eleanor Wish and two unidentified men killed in shootout
  2. Peng Qingcai, his sister and mother found murdered
  3. Dennis Ho and two unidentified men killed by Bosch
  4. Bosch brings Madeline to L.A. to live with him
9/17/09 Mia-Ling Li kills Ignacio Ferras and then commits suicide
2/9/2010 Gabriel Williams asked Mickey Haller to serve as special prosecutor for Jason Jessup retrial
2/16/2010 Jason Jessup transported from San Quentin to L.A. for retrial
  1. Jessup kills Clive Royce, Karen Revelle, Denise Graydon and Manuel Branson.
  2. Jessup is killed by SIS.
  1. Bosch and Chu assigned cold case of Lily Price based on DNA match to Clayton Pell
  2. George Irving commits suicide
10/10/2011 Serial killer Chilton Hardy arrested by Bosch and Chu, charged with murder of Lily Price.
Nov. 2011 Irvin Irving loses bid for fourth term on L.A. City Council
April 2012
  1. 20th anniversary of Rodney King riots
  2. Bosch reopens case of Anneke Jesperson
  3. Francis DowlerCarl Cosgrove Jr., and Reggie Banks murdered.
  4. J. J. Drummond severely injured in helicopter crash
Nov. 11, 2012 Gloria Dayton murdered
April 4, 2013 Earl Briggs killed in hit-and-run accident
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