Thomas Cerrone was a pimp in Los Angeles in the early 1990's. He was a well-built man who had put on weight as he approached the age of 40.

In January of 1992, he reported Rebecca Kaminski missing several days after he sent her on an outcall to the Hyatt Hotel and she did not return. Cerrone recalled that he had heard the voice of the caller before, when he sent out Nicole Knapp who also disappeared.

In November 1993, in response to the discovery of Kaminski's body, Harry Bosch determined that Cerrone was Kaminski's pimp. His investigation showed that Cerrone had been arrested nine times for solicitation and twice for pandering. He was sentenced to a thirty-six month probation for his last offense. He had rented apartment six in the Van-Aire apartments on Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys, which he then sublet to a Mexican woman, charging her $100 a week. He continued to get his mail there to fool his probation officer.

Bosch then tracked him to the penthouse suite at the luxurious Grandview Apartments in Sherman Oaks. Bosch did not arrest him but told him to stop charging rent to the woman who sublet his Van Nuys apartment.


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