Trina Rafferty, AKA Trina Trixxx was a prostitute working in Los Angeles, and an associate of Kendall Roberts and Gloria Dayton. She was a small and slender woman with stringy blonde hair, hollow eyes, a nose ring, and tattoos. Along with the other two prostitutes, she was a drug user who also sold drugs to clients. Their source for drugs was Hector Arrande Moya. She was arrested by DEA agent James Marco who then forced her to work as a confidential informant. She helped lead Marco to Moya who Marco was eager to arrest.

Years later Moya was pursuing a Habeas Corpus petition to get out of prison. His lawyer saw her as a valuable witness to Marco's misconduct, and he put her in an apartment so that he could keep track of her. When Gloria Dayton was killed, Mickey Haller interviewed her at which time she stated that she had been a confidential informant for Marco. However, Marco was still controlling her, and he pressured her to lie in court. She stated that she did not know who Marco was, and she implied that Haller had paid her to testify. Despite her lies, Haller was able to demonstrate her connection to Moya.


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