"Two Kinds of Truth"
Season 5, Episode 1
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Release date April 19, 2019
Written by Daniel Pyne
Directed by Alex Zakrzewski
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"Two Kinds of Truth" is the first episode of the fifth season of the streaming series Bosch, and the forty first episode of the series.

The episode premiered on Amazon Instant Video along with the rest of the fifth season on 19 April 2019.

The episode is rated TV-MA for "adult content, adult language," and "graphic violence."

Summary[edit | edit source]

Teaser[edit | edit source]

A light passenger aircraft makes a night landing at a deserted airfield and is met by a small minibus. Carter waits to meet the passengers. Detective Harry Bosch, working undercover, is one of several dishevelled drug addicts on board the plane. Carter drives the contingent to a camp site. Each of the passengers receives a dose of oxycodone from "Sheriff", the camp organiser; they are pill shills, working to collect prescriptions under false identities for a regular dose of the opiate. Bosch is feigning a severe knee injury and walking with a cane. Trey, an impatient addict pushes past Bosch in the line and Bosch trips him with his cane. The two square off but are swiftly separated by Carter. Both receive half the usual dose for fighting. The addicts are told to collect food and get to sleep.

Trey claims that Bosch owes him 80 milligrams of oxycodone for the incident. Bosch invites him to try to collect any time. Elizabeth Clayton warns Bosch that Trey will come for him that night but quickly cuts off any further conversation. Bosch hides the pill in his trouser cuff as Sheriff points him towards a dilapidated school bus and instructs him to pick an empty cot. Bosch spots a dog and goes to feed it some of the food.

Jerry Edgar opens a new pager at his desk in the Hollywood Homicide squad room. Maddie Bosch calls Jerry having received a voicemail from Jerry saying that Harry will be late. She challenges him based on the rules she and her father have established for keeping in touch which do not include having a partner leave a message. She realises that Jerry will not disclose any more and asks him to have Harry call her urgently.

Bosch remains awake in his new accommodation. When Trey comes to exact revenge Bosch is ready for him and quickly disarms and subdues him. Bosch chokes Trey with his cane for a moment before warning him away.

Bosch disposes of Trey's knife out the window before sneaking out to investigate the camp. He eavesdrops at a window as Carter, Stones and Vardy discuss their business. Dalton Walsh drives into camp and checks in with his enforcers. He asks if they have cleaned up their city business and Vardy confirms that it has been taken care of. Walsh congratulates Carter on good work with the Beta crew - they have twelve active pill shills who each filled prescriptions for 100 pills. Walsh notes that they will clear $40,000 on the run and that they are going out with flair. Carter reports that a load of "China Girl" (Fentanyl) has arrived. Walsh instructs his men that they will be moving their chemicals and equipment to a new location near Glamis. Vardy wonders if they are relocating the whole camp and Walsh responds that they will not be relocating yet but will also not be working any more shills from the current location.

Sheriff patrols the area, forcing Bosch away from the window. The patrol catches up with Bosch and he is knocked down with a blow to the back of the head. Sheriff hauls Bosch in to be interrogated by Walsh. Bosch claims he needed the bathroom but Walsh and Sheriff are suspicious that he has been observing them. They find the concealed gun in his backpack. Walsh muses on the nature of chance as he loads a single bullet into the gun. He points it at Bosch and stares into his eyes.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Two weeks earlier Farmacia Esquivel opens for the day. A trio of men watch from a car across the street. Stones, one of the organisers from the pill shill scheme, sits in the back seat.

The father and son pharmacist team have been arguing. Esquivel Sr. says he is trying to do the right thing. Esqivel Jr. says he is going for a walk to clear his head. A regular customer, Mr Warren, is the store's first visitor of the day.

Outside the men in the car put on gloves and the driver, Cleek, demonstrates the Tinder app to the passenger, Hart. Hart says he doesn't need an app to get laid. Stones tells the others to wait as a second customer exits her car outside the pharmacy.

Maddie is working an undergraduate summer internship at the District Attorney's office. A clerk from the conviction integrity unit, Tom Galligan, flirtatiously demonstrates the stapler function of the photocopier to her by way of an introduction. Galligan mentions that the CIU is looking into the murder of Danielle Skyler, a case that Maddie's father was involved with.

Once the coast is seemingly clear the men draw guns and don balaclavas as Cleek pulls the car around to the front of the pharmacy. A sign in the window announces "no opiates". They enter as a pedestrian notices their weapons. Cleek pulls the car into the side alley, ready to collect Stones and Hart from the rear entrance.

Esquivel senior assumes the men have come to rob him and opens the cash register. Stones quizzes him about Jose's whereabouts. They force him to kneel. Cleek waits anxiously in the alley. The pedestrian out front calls the police. Hart ransacks the shelves for drugs with street value. Stones continues to press Esquivel about Jose but he does not give anything away. The pharmacist asserts that he has stopped stocking Oxycontin.

Detectives Brad Coniff and Julie Espinosa of the Robbery Homicide Division briefs the Hollywood Homicide Squad about a possible serial murderer. A woman has been found bludgeoned to death in an alley with a cross scratched into the nail of her big toe. Detective Rondell Pierce arrives late to the briefing, just in time to take notes for Bosch who steps out to take a call.

Stones suggests they could wait for Jose to return but Esquivel tells him that he alone was responsible. Stones replies that they already know and shoots Esquivel twice in the chest. His body falls forward onto the floor and Hart fires a third shot into the back of his head. Hart finds a hidden cache of oxycontin in the back of the pharmacy.

Maddie tells Bosch that the Skyler case is being reviewed by CIU. Bosch is not concerned, telling Maddie that criminals are always looking to get their cases reopened and that he is confident they caught the killer. Lieutenant Billets tells Bosch that they need to respond to a robbery (211).

6-Adam-45 is the first unit on scene at the robbery. The arrival of the patrol car with sirens on spooks Cleek and he texts a warning then flees the scene. Officer Shepherd is riding shotgun and takes up position watching the back entrance. Officer Morgan calls in the location (between the corners of Melrose and Edgemont and Melrose and Heliotrope) and asks for more units. Detectives Crate and Barrel are nearby in their vehicle (6-William-23) and call in to advise that they will respond. Crate watches the sidestreets as Barrel drives at full speed.

Hart finds a cache of Oxycontin in the office. Stones collects the shell casings and tosses a handful of the pills near Esquivel's body.

Officer Rhodes and his partner arrive on the other side of the pharmacy. Coming up from behind Shepherd and Morgan on Melrose Barrel drives through an intersection. Crate initially calls it as clear from the right. Belatedly spotting an oncoming patrol car Crate shouts to wait but it is too late. Barrel passes through the junction and the patrol car clips the rear of their unmarked vehicle sending them spinning out of control. The crash is only a block away from the pharmacy and distracts the officers on the scene for long enough to allow Stones and Hart to escape unseen via the rear exit. They leave their balaclavas on the ground in the alley. Officer Morgan reports the traffic collision to the dispatcher.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

In a nearby parking garage Charles Fagan opens his trunk to load in dry cleaning that he has just collected. Hart cold cocks him in the back of the head and stuffs him into the trunk. Stones starts Fagan's car and they make good on their narrow escape in the stolen vehicle.

Crate and Barrel find themselves relatively unscathed in the aftermath of the crash. Officer Powers and his partner, Franco Rodriguez, were driving the patrol car and have come away worse. Powers has an injured leg and Rodriguez has whiplash. Powers is convinced that the detectives are responsible for the accident. As they drive away from the scene unnoticed, Hart and Stones take in the sizeable police response.

Edgar meets with Detectives Daniel Arias and Ray Marcos in Groundwork Coffee on Caheunga Boulevard. The South Central Detectives have called for his help with a murder investigation; Two children aged eight and ten were killed by stray bullets in a gang related shooting. They believe the crossfire arose from an internal dispute in the Rollin 60s gang. The timing of the shooting coincides with the parole of Bo Jonas who is now missing. They are at a dead end and hope that Edgar can get some information on Jonas from his friend, Gary Wise. Edgar agrees to approach Wise and involve him only if he is willing. Their business concluded the talk turns to department gossip about the centralisation of Hollywood Homicide. Edgar is sceptical and laughs off an invitation to relocate South of the ten freeway.

Maddie distributes internal mail in the CIU, finding the office empty following a meeting she takes the opportunity to snoop. She looks at a Notre Dame University mug on a desk and notices that Danielle Skyler's case file is listed on a notepad. She also spots that log-in details are on a post it next to the monitor and surreptitiously photographs the notepad and the post-its before getting back to her work.

Edgar arrives at the pharmacy to find Bosch and Pierce ready to breach the scene with a tactical team. The team clear the building and find the corpse of Esquivel Sr. Bosch takes command of the scene. Edgar focuses on the body while Bosch directs Pierce to the back entrance, noting that the front door could not have been the egress as it was locked from the inside. Bosch and Pierce find the discarded balaclavas and Bosch gives Pierce instructions to work the exterior of the scene despite the expectation that the perpetrators are long gone. Edgar gives orders to the uniformed officers to establish a perimeter. Bosch re-enters and he and Edgar compare notes on the scene. Both recognise that Esquivel Sr. was on his knees prior to the shooting and that the pattern of the bullets represents a statement kill. Edgar also recognises the Oxycontin tablets having taken the same medication after being shot in the shoulder two years ago.

Jose Esquivel Jr. returns from his walk with coffee for his father but finding the block taped off as a crime scene recognises that his worst fears have been realised. He departs in a daze, discarding the drinks in a wastecan.

Chief Irving watches bodycam footage of an officer involved fatal shooting in his office. Officer Robson and Sergeant Edgewood were chasing the victim on foot through back alleys at night. Edgewood and a third officer were able to get ahead of the victim and trap him. The victim was unarmed but did not follow instructions to raise his hands and was reaching for something when both officers opened fire. Robson initially shouted that he had seen a gun after opening fire. Irving sighs, unsure what the outcome should or will be for his employees. Ida lets Wash into the office and he relays the news of the robbery and "blue on blue" traffic collision. Wash reports that the officers involved have minor injuries and that the suspects were gone on arrival (GOA). Irving asks Wash to arrange for Captain Cooper to touch base with him as soon as possible. Wash exits and Ida lets Irving know she has set up a meeting with the District Attorney later that day. Irving restarts the video and watches as the officers try to find the illusory firearm before calling in the paramedics. Edgewood cuffs the non-moving victim as Robson insists he saw a weapon.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Billets arrives at the crash site and breaks up a bickering Powers and Barrel. Crate has lacerations from broken glass but is ok. Barrel has minor injuries only. Powers tries to downplay his leg injury. Rodriguez is now in a neck brace but cheerfully reassures Billets that he has only tweaked something. Billets checks in with the traffic officer on scene, Web Adams. She voices her concern that the detectives are responsible but he says that it is too early to say. Sergeant Miles Thomas interjects having heard a rumour that the detectives had not announced their intention to respond to the call. Barrel quickly and profanely refutes this and Billets tries to calm things down by asking about the robbery. Thomas relays that they have a four block perimeter but that Lieutenant Thorne is concerned the suspects slipped through before they locked the area down. Billets advises him that she has secured additional units from West Bureau for a wider patrol.

Bosch inspects the office at the pharmacy and notes diplomas for father and son, a security monitor, a pile of prescriptions and a photo of a woman. He finds a revolver concealed in a desk drawer. With Angela Trask from the coroner's office in attendance Edgar is able to identify Esquivel from his wallet. Edgar tells Trask that the shooting was not a robbery.

Bosch calls Edgar into the office and tells him that it is a father and son business. They review the footage of the shooting on the security monitor. They surmise that the pharmacy was involved in a pill scam. Edgar wonders what changed to drive them away from the easy money. Bosch asserts that the shooting was unexpected or the gun would have been ready at the counter. Edgar notes from the footage that one of the shooters is left-handed.

Pierce has a canine unit track the scent of the balaclavas. The dogs lead the police to the parking garage and they realise that they must have left in a vehicle at this point. Officer Rhodes suggests that they had a driver meet them in the garage but Pierce astutely recognises that it would have made more sense to be in the alley. Pierce asks the officers to review all video footage from the garage and the responding vehicles to see if they captured the suspects escaping.

Act Four[edit | edit source]

Hart and Stones pull into a quiet industrial area and let Fagan out of the trunk. He protests briefly before Stones silences him with a shot to the head. They take his identifcation, put his body in a dumpster, kick dirt over the blood spatter and again collect the shell casing to hinder any investigation. They leave in Fagan's car.

At the pharmacy Edgar reports that he has been unable to contact Jose. He suggests they check the available seven days of camera footage for an appearance by their suspects.

Hart and Stones arrive at their planned rendezvous point and abandon Fagan's car in an alley. Hart is furious that Cleek is not there to meet them. Stones rationalises that they are late in arriving. As they walk away from the car a junk trader named Peanut observes Hart discarding the keys.

Maddie uses the photographed information from the CIU office to look through the case files. Galligan interrupts to invite her for a drink and she hurriedly clears the screen. She says that she has work to finish up and he leaves her to carry on. She finds a series of video files in the case folder.

Bosch and Edgar visit the address of Jose Esquivel Jr. They are met by his neighbour Lois. She notes that the Esquivel's live together and were arguing when they left that morning, seemingly about money. Edgar convinces her to let them in to the house with her spare key. Bosch looks around and finds the place undisturbed. Edgar talks with Lois and learns that Esquivel Sr. was a widower and that Jose Jr. is his only child. They thank Lois for granting them access and head back to their vehicle. Bosch relays that there is no sign Jose Jr. has been home. They agree to arrange for the Special Investigation Section to surveil the house in the short term and Edgar volunteers to write a warrant for a full search if Jose Jr. does not surface soon. Bosch worries that he may have already been killed.

Maddie watches the video footage of her father interviewing Preston Borders on March 11, 1996. Borders claims that he had one unsuccessful date with Danielle Skyler and then never saw her again. Bosch traps Borders in a lie, getting him to claim that he had never visited Skyler's apartment. Bosch tells Borders that they have witnesses who Skyler told about Borders trying to break in to her apartment after she rejected him and that they have his prints on the front door, contradicting the statement he just made. Irving, then a lieutenant, interrupts the interview. Bosch tells Borders he knows that he is the killer and Borders demands a lawyer. Irving offers to bring him the yellow pages telephone directory and leaves him alone in the interview room. Borders stares straight into the camera.

Irving meets with DA Roselyn Hines in his office. He gives her a memory stick with the complete footage of the shooting by Officer Robson and Sergeant Edgewood. Hines is frustrated that there is no clear way forwards and that release of the footage will prejudice any potential jury. Chief Irving has no clear advice and she reflects that her position is very different now she is inside the system.

At home that night Maddie serves a dinner that she has prepared. Bosch is impressed with her efforts to cook. She explains that she is hoping to save money for a semester in Paris. Maddie reveals that she accessed the archived files in the Danielle Skyler murder case. Bosch remembers the detail of the case and that he bluffed about the prints. Maddie frets that Borders claimed Bosch set him up. Bosch explains that he believes in two kinds of truth: one that comes from darkness and can be bent and manipulated to self-interest; the other that you carry inside and know is real. Maddie nods in acceptance and Bosch recalls that they found Skyler's necklace inside Borders' apartment after the arrest.

Cleek arrives to collect Stones and Hart. He is concerned that they are mad at him for missing the original meet and explains that he waited and then freaked out and left to get a fresh car. Stones impatiently tells him to get going and then reassures him that he did the right thing by coming back. Hart hands Cleek a bottle of Oxycontin taken from the pharmacy and he pockets the pills.

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  1. Laura Schiff CSA - Casting
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  3. Jesse Voccia - Music
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  17. Michael Connelly - Based on the novels by
  18. Eric Overmyer - Developer
  19. Daniel Pyne - Writer
  20. Alex Zakrzewski - Director

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  1. Mark Douglas - Producer
  2. Francesco Tignini - Associate Producer
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  12. Shaz Bennett - Staff Writer

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