Vibiana Veracruz (nee' Santanello) was born in San Diego in 1970. Her mother was Gabriela Lida and her father was Dominick Santanello. As an adult she moved to Los Angeles and lived in the Arts District on Hewitt St. near Traction Avenue. She married and divorced a man named Veracruz, and in 2007 she gave birth to a son whom she named Gilberto. She supported herself by creating and selling sculptures, but she was having difficulty making ends meet. In addition, the building in which she had her studio was being sold to be redeveloped as high-priced condominiums.

In October 2016 she was contacted by Harry Bosch and informed that she was heir to the fortune of Whitney Vance. She spoke with both Bosch and Mickey Haller and considered whether to try claiming the estate. Haller described the inheritance as "Change the World" money. She decided to have Haller negotiate an unspecified share of the estate in order to avoid a protracted legal battle. This settlement was sufficient to allow her to establish a non-profit foundation, buy her studio building and maintain it as low-cost artist lofts, and buy other buildings for the same purpose. She named herself as Artistic Director of the Foundation, and she executed a large-scale outdoor sculpture which she titled "The Wrong Side of Goodbye."

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