Vincent Grimaldi (b. 1937; d. 1999) was the director of operations at the Cleopatra Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, and possibly the biological father of Jack Karch. He began working in Las Vegas in 1955 and worked his way up through the ranks. In 1994 he was involved in the sting operation that resulted in the death of Max Freeling and the arrest and imprisonment of Cassie Black. The incident resulted in Grimaldi gaining leverage over Karch.

In 1999 he hatched a complex plan to extort money from the Buena Suerte Group of Miami by promising them approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission in return for $2.5 million. In fact, approval never would have been granted. The plan involved recruiting Leo Renfro and Cassie Black to rob a man they believed was a high stakes professional gambler from Texas. Grimaldi then directed Karch to pursue the burglers. Karch did so while also recklessly pursuing his own personal agenda. Grimaldi's plan began to fall apart due to Karch's actions and Black's response. In a confrontation in the the Cleopatra hotel, Grimaldi was shot and killed by Karch.


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