Wesley John "Scarecrow" Carver was the chief technology officer and top threat engineer at Western Data Consultants in Mesa, Arizona. He was tall and thin, a brilliant hacker, and had a particular love for music by The Doors. He drove a silver Lexus and was in his 50's. He was the son of Karen Carver and did not see her again after age 18. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before being recruited by Western Data.

As a child he was sexually abused by one or more babysitters (one named Alma) while his mother performed as a stripper. Perhaps as a result of that, he developed a severe mental illness that involved sexually abusing and killing women that met the criteria of his obsession. While working at WDC he partnered with another employee, Freddy Stone, to locate potential victims using the files of law firms who were storing their data at WDC. They partnered on three of these victims that we know of: Denise Babbit in L.A., Sharon Oglevy in Las Vegas, and Angela Cook in L.A. All three of these victims were tortured for hours before being killed. Then they were dumped in locations that would throw suspicion onto someone else. He also killed Declan McGinnis and directed Stone to attempt to kill Jack McEvoy and to abduct Rachel Walling.

Despite his chain of murders, he was never arrested and did not show up on a VICAP search. Carver used his tech savvy to spy on people, seek out new victims, and to avoid detection by his boss or the authorities. One of his tools was a "capture" web site called He also used the alias Bill Denslow, and the business name Denslow Data, to set up these sites.

While investigating the Babbit case, McEvoy and Walling met Carver at WDC. Carver took various actions to divert suspicion from himself, including killing his boss, McGinnis, and planting evidence to make him look like one of the killers. As McEvoy and Stone closed in on Carver, he abducted two FBI agents, Mowry and Torres, and attempted to kill them while making his escape. He was shot in the head by Walling and was left in a coma with little possibility of regaining consciousness.


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