WestLand National Bank is a financial institution located at Sixth and Hill in Los Angeles. WestLand Financial is a wholly-owned subsidiary with headquarters in Sherman Oaks.

The bank's safety-deposit boxes were robbed in an elaborate heist over Labor Day weekend in September of 1989. The break-in consisted of going under the bank using drainage channels and hand digging a tunnel directly under the vault. C4 explosive was then used to blow a hole in the floor of the vault. The objective was to steal the diamonds in the safety-deposit box of Ngo Van Binh. Other safety-deposit boxes were also looted to obscure the real target.

Initially Harry Bosch was considered a suspect in the burglary because of his tunnel experience in Viet Nam and his acquaintance with Billy Meadows. Bosch had a strong alibi because at the time of the heist he was in Ensenada, Mexico while on suspension for his actions in the Dollmaker case.

In the financial crisis of 2007-2010, WestLand Financial experienced a large number of defaults on mortgages. The company contracted with a firm known as ALOFT to process the foreclosures.


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