William Orsulak was one of the more recent victims of the poet. He was a homicide detective in Phoenix, AZ, and his partner was Jim Beam. He was divorced and lived alone. He had been working on the Little Joaquin case, an eight year old boy who was abducted and killed.

Orsulak was shot once through the mouth in apparent suicide fashiion. There was a note in Orsulak's handwriting that said, "Mountains toppling evermore / Into seas without a shore." The line is from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. Phoenix detectives found several problems with the suicide theory. A major inconsistency was that Beam said Orsulak had a solid gold bullet that he would use if he was ever going to kill himself, but the bullet that killed him was an ordinary lead slug. The gold bullet was found intact in his house. The FBI was called in to consult on the case. They determined that this was another murder by the Poet.

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