In 1999, Wolfgang Haus directed an action film that was produced by Alexander Taylor and starred Brenda Barstow. The film centered on a theif, played by Barstow, who steals a briefcase containing two-million dollars in cash from a Las Vegas mobster.

During production, LAPD detective Harry Bosch visited the set in the process of investigating the 16 May 1999 murder of production assistant Angella Benton.

At the same time, Haus used his newfound fame as a blockbuster director to insist on having two-million dollars in real cash on-set to lend verisimillitude to the film. The money was borrowed from the central BankLA branch, but the armored car that delivered the cash was robbed on 19 May 1999, resulting in the death of bank security officer Raymond Vaughn.

The plot of the film was based events involving Cassie Black, though many elements of the story were altered.


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