The Zzyzx Road scene was a location in the Mojave Desert in eastern California near the town of Zzyzx.

A GPS reader was sent to Rachel Walling's attention at the Behavioral Science Dept. of FBI Headquarters in Quantico, VA. It had only one waypoint saved on it, the Zzyzx site. The bodies of ten murdered men were excavated from the site in April of 2004 by a team of federal agents led by Randal Alpert and Cherie Dei. Others agents involved in the case were Brasilia Doran, John Cates, Greta Coxe, Harvey Richards, Douglas Sundeen, Mary Pond, and Ed Gunning. This case became a federal one immediately because the site is federal land.

One unusual feature of the site was the presence of an old Navy lifeboat. When disassembled and examined, it was found to have a thumbprint of Terry McCaleb.

The killer himself referred to the site as a "city of bones."


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